Cartoon Photo Pro App for Android – A Cool Drawing Tool App Review

Cartoon Photo Pro App for Android – A Cool Drawing Tool App Review
Cartoon Photo Pro App for Android is a free photo editing and publishing app designed for smartphones. The user-friendly interface of the app allows the users to easily create fine-tuned and creative cartoon drawings on the spot. It also features an extensive variety of drawing tools that are designed specifically for the purpose. It has several features that help the users to blend different styles of images such as logos, celebrities, cartoons, and others. The cartoon photo pro app for android offers a number of drawing features including the following.

Cartoon Photo Pro App

* Draw sketches: The cartoon sketch tool of the app allows the users to draw various things, cartoons or photos in three dimensional form. The pen tool helps to draw a simple circle on the drawn sketch. You can also create various shapes like oval, heart, square etc. with this amazing tool. This feature of the app can be used to create various complex shapes.

* Add images: The draw-picture feature lets you add your own photo or any image from your computer. You can add a new layer and place the desired image. It also features a rotate option which lets you rotate an image. You can edit the layers of your images. You can also add text to the layers.

* Effects: You can apply different filters and enhancements to your images. It comes along a large collection of filters to enhance the colors and images in your photographs. You can choose the one that suits your cartoon or photo. Some of the effects include recoloring, deskewing, enhancement, brightness and contrast.

* Brush Strokes: You can apply different brush strokes to draw various objects. You can use the eraser to get rid of lines. You can also apply a variety of textures including gouging and scratching. You can also draw multiple pictures in a single stroke.

* Cartoon Features: The cartoon photo features animated images and cartoon figures. It is suitable for those who love to draw and are very much comfortable with the pen. The images are free of any commercial content and copyright. The cartoon photo is a perfect companion for the kids.

* Edit With Picture-in-picture: You can edit your images or photos with the help of the in-picture mode. The in-picture mode allows you to draw the cartoon with the use of a virtual camera. The drawing is possible only when the touch screen of the device is not touched. The cartoon will appear in the drawn portion.

* Export/Recover Feature: You can save your work in the various formats such as JPEG, PNG and others. The exported cartoon photo also has the same quality as that of the original one. The program is compatible with most of the smart phones. The cartoon photo is available for free and after buying the app, you can restore the cartoon photo in the device. The application is suitable for kids and elders as well.

* Cartoon drawing: This is a simple tool that helps to bring the image or cartoon photo on the screen. It has easy draw features and smooth operation. You can use the smooth draw feature to erase unwanted parts of the cartoon photo. You can draw cartoons by aligning the points with the right or left value. If you want to remove a point, you can shift it to the left.

* Transformations: You can make several transformations with the help of this drawing application. The Transformations are available in both linear and tangential styles. You can change the style to make the drawing more interesting. The cartoon draw is available for free and after purchasing the pro version, you can restore the cartoon photo on the device.

* Arrange and caption: The arranged cartoon photo in a journal-like manner. The photo can be published through E-mail, IM, etc. The cartoon photo is also available as wallpaper. You can easily change the background or add a new one to make your device look attractive and unique. The cartoon photo pro app for Android comes with 50+ wallpapers for you to select from.

* Trading: You can share your artwork with your friends and acquaintances through the free version. If you want to draw the cartoon characters in a better way, you can opt for the paid version. For getting more information, you can visit the website of the developer. You will find all the information including tutorials on the developer’s website. The cartoon character drawn in this application is licensed by Google, therefore it can be downloaded free of cost.

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