Body Editor App: Body Shape Optimization App

The Body Editor App is one of the most exciting and creative apps on the market. You are able to edit your body shape with the simple touch of a button, changing it in real time. This app has been designed by experts in fitness and body building and provides you with an easy-to-use interface that ensures that you can do it easily, without any complications. You simply have to download the Body Editor App from the App Store and start editing your body today!

This amazing app is designed for both iPhone and iPad users. It has been specifically created to help people in a way that suits their needs. The Body Editor App will help you by offering various options that include various body shapes, and a variety of exercise routines that you can carry out. You are even able to set goals, and monitor your progress along the way, which is an added advantage.


The Body Editor app uses a 3D viewer that enables you to view your body in different positions. It will also show you body fat levels and other factors that can affect your health. When you are viewing your body shape in this detailed manner, you can get to know your strengths and weaknesses. In doing so, you are in a better position to use it to your advantage. For instance, if you want to improve your upper body strength, then you should exercise using the Body Editor app, as opposed to lifting weights or doing aerobics.

As a result, you have a greater chance of seeing positive results, as opposed to those who continue to work on aerobics or weights. You also have the option of taking a break when you are not feeling up to it, and increase your level of stamina when you need it. This will enable you to go on and do more exercises in the future. It also helps you reduce your body fat and reduce your chances of getting diabetes, high blood pressure, heart attack or stroke.

The Body Editor also has a Body Composition analyzer that helps you determine your ideal body shape. Through this tool, you can determine which exercises are best for you to improve your shape. By identifying your body shape, you can also choose whether to have a specific exercise or not. If you have chosen to get into shape with exercise by increasing your body fat percentage, you can also use the Body Composition Analyzer to monitor your progress.

The Body Editor also gives you advice on losing body fat. One of the main factors that influence your body fat level is your diet. Hence, by providing you with tips on what foods to eat and which ones to avoid, the Body Editor app makes it easy for you to control your weight. The program also has a calculator that helps you calculate how much body fat you need to lose before starting an exercise routine or going on a diet.

Aside from monitoring your body fat levels, the Body Editor also has tools for weight training. The Health Coach tool allows you to set goals for your body type and target weights. You can also target specific muscle groups. You can use the Weight Targeted Muscle calculator for targeting muscles groups you want to tone up or strengthen.

The Body Editor app also includes a programmable weight and body charting tool that let you see at a glance how your current weight, height, and body frame compare to the shape you want. By setting your body type accurately, you can get into the perfect shape you have always wanted. With these useful features, the Body Editor makes it easy for you to achieve the body you have always wanted.

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